Our Services

Jump Starts

Dead battery? Did you forget to turn your car lights OFF? Don’t worry, contact W&W Towing to be provided with an emergency auto jump start service. We also offer on site vehicle battery replacement.

Towing Service

Lock Outs

Locked out? No problem, W&W towing is your best choice for emergency auto lockout service in Chicagoland. Our highly trained personel will open your car door "damage free" so you can get back to your daily routine in no time.

Tire Changes

Flat tire?Hit a pot hole? Rely on our speedy 24 hour emergency mobile tire change & repair service in Chicago and near suburbs. As long you can provide us with a spare tire, we can change your tire. In case of not having a spare tire we also offer mobile tire repair in Chicago and near suburbs. We invite you to read our mobile tire change/repair page for more info.

Lot Security

CALL LOT -- If you decide a "call lot" is best for you, your company will be on stand-by 24 hours to take calls from authorized property agents. Each lot is assigned a "security code" which is required for each and every tow. This feature protects you and your tenants from vehicles being mistakenly towed. This "security code" can be passed out at the owner or managers discretion.
PATROL LOT -- If you decide a "patrol lot" is best for your property, our company will randomly patrol your premises 24 hours, or during designated hours assigned by property management or owner. Patrol lots require parking permits that can be provided to you at a cost of $1.00 per permit, or can be provided by the property owners or management. On patrol, our dependable drivers will relocate and impound any vehicle that does not display a parking permit for the premises, and/or violates parking rules set forth by the property. Terms of a "patrol lot" are negotiable with W&W Towing, just state your needs.